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Preview Saturday May 1st from 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm

One Lot - One Money - Hummel Estate

Mrs. Hummel has asked us to auction her late husbands contents of his shop.  Mr. Hummel collected for over 60 years.  The shop is approx. 5,000 sqft. and is loaded up with antique tools, cars, saddles, tach and much more.  You will not get over what all is in this shop.  Mrs. Hummel has asked us to the entire contents of the interior portion of the shop to one person so that she does not have to deal with the stress of folks coming on her place.

The winning bidder will deposit $2500 which will be refundable once the shop is cleaned out.  We are not asking you to mop the floors but you will need to take everything.  The only item that remains in the shop will be the air compressor that is to the right of the overhead door.  Everything else in side the shop goes with you.  There are lean too on both sides of the building the contents under the roofs of both do not go with the purchase.  Again you are buying what is inside the main shop building.  Shop is approx. 5,000 sqft +/-.


We will conduct an open house on May 1st from 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm for you to inspect.  And to satisfy self of what is there.  You will have three weeks from the date of purchase to remove all items.

Removal can begin once deposit and payment has been made.